Friday, 11 April 2014

Client Side Rendering in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint Server 2013 provides a new way of rendering content to the browser using client side rendering. This new way of rendering leverages web standard technologies like jQuery, JSON and REST to render data in a clearer and simpler way than before. In this session, you will learn these techniques for creating different types of views and forms of data in SharePoint 2013.

Date: April 12​th at 10:00 AM (GMT +4).

Speaker - Muawiyah Shannak:
Muawiyah has been working extensively with SharePoint since its 2007 version across many different technical areas of SharePoint projects including defining infrastructure, application architecture, and solution development. Muawiyah is currently employed at Exceed IT Services as a Software Architect where his focus is on delivering high quality SharePoint solutions that satisfy customer requirements in a manner that is consistent with Microsoft best practices. He is also a Microsoft Community Contributor and on the committee for the UAE SharePoint User Group

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  1. Hello Muawiayh Shannak

    Firstly thanks a lot for sharing across so many knowledgable articles especially around client side rendering.
    One of your msdn article related to below CSR code samples #11 (Fully customized forms with CSRListForm)

    Everything is working as expected but if you observe when you click on attachements it didnt worked.

    Tried to replicate same DOM as well inorder to get attachements working but on click of save button it saves content but not attachements in it

    input type='button' value='Save' onclick=\"SPClientForms.ClientFormManager.SubmitClientForm('{{FormId}}')\" style='margin-left:0' >

    Instead of FromID, even kept WPQ2. It just saves all data fields but not attachements.

    Any quick suggestions? please let me know if i am doing anything wrong.

    Waiting for earliest response.

    Shiva Kumar Soma

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