Friday, 21 February 2014

SharePoint 2013 Client-side rendering templates

SharePoint JS-LInk templates

Client-side rendering is a new concept in SharePoint 2013. It’s provides you with a mechanism that allow you to use your own output render for a set of controls that are hosted in a SharePoint page (list views, display, add and Edit forms). This mechanism enables you to use well-known technologies, such as HTML and JavaScript, to define the rendering logic of custom and predefined field types.

I upload some code samples to MSDN code gallery and I wrote those samples to be easy to understand and to achieve learning purpose, because of that I avoided using complex code and controls. In the same time I tried to be close to the real word examples.

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  1. I saw your substringlongText js file, thanks for creating something like this as I have a need for it. I have a question if you can help, one of my views has 5 columns of very long text, what would be the best way to use your script and augment it to cover all those columns?

    1. Hi Brett, Can you provide me with a screenshot, may I can suggest something useful

  2. you nailed it...

  3. Thanks for sharing your samples. I just created another sample to show the Photo in a Contacts List at